Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question about LED Tape that is not answered on this page please email me at and I will be glad to answer it for you ASAP.

Can I work out myself how many metres of LED tape I can run off each transformer?

Yes, it is actually very simple to work out.   All you do is look at what wattage transformer you have and what wattage LED tape you are trying to run. You then take the wattage of the transformer and divide it by the wattage of the LED tape. e.g. The calculation for 150w transformer and 4.8w LED tape would be 150 / 4.8 = 31.25 .Therefore 31.25 metres can be powered by that transformer. This can be in many different lengths and wired in parallel.

Are the transformers enclosed or do I need to purchase an enclosure?

At we have various transformers. Our transformers that are fully enclosed as standard are:   30w  / 60w  / 100w .   Our transformers are enclosed but the terminals are exposed and therefore require separate enclosures – these are the 150w / 200w / and the 320w. You can use your own vented enclosure or you can purchase these from

I see LED’s being called 5050 and 3528… what does this mean?

These are the different types of LED’s. The 5050 LEDs are a “3 in one” LED chip whereas the 3528 is just a single LED chip. The 5050 LED’s are 3 times as bright as that of the 3528 and pull 3 times as much wattage. For example our 14.4w per metre LED tape has 60 x 5050 LED’s whereas our 4.8w LED has 60 times 3528 LED’s.  The LED’s are noticeably different in size to look at and the LED tape that has the 5050 LED’s usually has a 12mm wide board and a thicker PCB for better heat dispersion. Whereas the LED tape using the 3528 LED’s is usually 8mm wide. There is also a double powered 3528 LED – This looks exactly the same as a standard 3528 but it actually is double the power and pulling double the wattage. As a buyer the easiest way to define which tape is the brightest etc. is to look at what wattage it pulls per metre rather than what LED’s they use and how many LED’s per metre. There are also different grades of the LED’s e.g. branded commercial type and Chinese domestic type of the 5050 and 3528’s, they again look exactly the same but here at we use only the commercial grade and commercial components. The advantages of the commercial grade LED’s and components are that the LED’s tend to be approx. 30% brighter than cheap alternatives and have a life expectancy of around 70,000 hours compared to around 50,00 hours.

What is the difference between a RF remote and a IR remote? supplies the RF remote controllers as we believe these are better and more ideal for commercial installations etc.  The RF remote means it is has a radio receiver rather than the IR remote which is Infra-red. This means the RF remote when installed the remote to the receiver does not have to be ‘line-of-sight’ and would pick up the signal a good 10 metres +  away from the receiver. This also allows the receiver to be installed behind an object and still pick up the signal e.g. the RF receiver can be installed in ceilings , cupboards etc. You would still require access to the controller receiver so it is advised not to fix the receiver permanently into a wall for example. The IR infra-red remotes on the other hand need to be line of sight. The have a maximum pick up distance of around 5m. If the receiver was fitted into a cupboard for example you would have to open the cupboard for the receiver to pick up the controllers signal. The IR remotes are generally cheaper priced than the RF remotes.

Can the LED tape bend round a 90 degree angle?

Yes any LED tape that has 60 LEDs per metre or less can actually loop up on itself and fold round a 90 degree angle. Installers often use a small amount of hot glue to help keep the LED tape in place. [caption id="attachment_943" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="LED Tape bent at 90 degrees"]LED Tape 90 degree[/caption] [caption id="attachment_944" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Bending LED Tape at a right angle"]Bending LED Tape at a right angle[/caption]

Is there a difference in the waterproof LED tapes? does not supply the resin coated LED tape as this does not disperse the heat very well and over time will discolour to a browny colour. uses a heat shrink coating instead , this is thinner , keeps the heat dispersed and over time will not discolour or affect output.

Why are there extreme variations in the price for LED tape?

This is due to there being many different grades of LED tape - supplies only the premium commercial grade LED tape.

What does IP67 mean?

IP67 means the LED tape can be used in areas where resistance to water is required EG. outside, bathrooms act. The LED tape is waterproof but the LED tape cannot be submerged under water.

What does the term commercial grade mean? supply's commercial grade LED tape - this is premium LED tape using all premium components ideal to use in commercial applications eg. Restaurants, bars , hotels etc.  The commercial grade LED tape has a thicker PCB board for better heat dispersion leading to longer life expectancy, branded LED chips for a brighter output and all the LED's are colour batched to be the same colour throughout the reel and from one reel to another.

Which LED tape would be ideal for ‘working light’ EG. Under kitchen cabinet lighting?

The 15w LED tape is the most common used in these scenarios where working light is required as this gives a good output.

Are there different LED’s quality?

Yes there are many types of LED's quality - Here at we supply only the premium branded LED's by Epistar. There are chinese alternative to these LED's they have less output and less life expectancy but look exactly the same.

Will the led tape just stop working once the life expectancy is reached ?

No, our LED tape will have an output of at least 70% at 70,000 hours after this the output will reduce over time.

I am looking to use the single colour led tape in a drop down ceiling in my living room – The total length is 15m can this be supplied in one continuous length ?

The maximum length the LED tape can be supplied in without voltage drop is around 6.5m. For this 15m length the LED tape would be supplied in 3 x 5m lengths each with there own 2 core started lead soldered onto them with you would extend and take to wherever you are mounting the transformer.

How far can the transformers be away from the led tape ?

The transformer can be mounted as far away from the LED tape as you require as long as you use the right cable to avoid voltage drop. > up to 10m away from the LED tape use 2 core 0.5mm cable. > up to 15m away from the LED tape use 2 core 1mm cable >up to 20m away from the LED tape use 2 core 1.5mm cable

Do you have to have a driver for each strip?

No it is possible to power multiple strips of LED Tape from one driver as long as the driver outputs enough wattage to power all of the LED Tape. Also each strip of LED Tape must not be longer then 6 meters due to voltage drop. e.g. A 60 Watt driver is able to power 2 x 6 Meter lengths or 12 x 1 Meter lengths of 5 Watt LED Tape because the total Wattage required is 60 Watts ( Total of 12 meters at 5 Watts per metre = 60 Watts).

Can I dim the White LED Tape

It is possible to dim the white LED Tape using a our Wall plate LED dimmer or our 0-10v dimmer module which is installed between the LED Tape and the driver. It is not possible to dim LED Tape by using a 240v wall dimmer. Reducing the voltage to the LED driver will damage the driver.

Can I get single colour LED Tape in any colour I want?

It is possible  for us to create any colour you like however we only stock Red, Green, Blue, Pure White and Warm White. Any other colour will take around 2 weeks for our manufacturing plant to make.

What is the maximum amount of LED Tape that can be run from a driver?

Due to voltage drop the maximum amount of LED Tape that can me run from 1 connection to the driver is 5 meters. However you can have multiple connections to the driver. e.g. If you had 10 meters of LED Tape in 1 run you could have a connection to the driver on each end or if you had 15 meters of LED Tape you could have a connection at each end and 1 in the middle. Power requirements of LED Tape is worked out on wattage per metre so as long as you have a driver that can output enough wattage to cover all of the LED Tape there is no limit (As long as you have enough connections to the LED Tape). e.g. a 100 Watt driver can power up to 20 meters of 5 watt LED Tape or 5 meters of 20 Watt LED Tape. The only exception is the RGB 7.5 Watt LED Tape which can be purchased in 12v or 24v and the 24v version can have run of 10 meters from 1 connection to the driver.